WELLES – ” Codine EP “

Posted: June 19, 2018 in MUSIC
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These songs comes courtesy of Welles, a Nashville-based band fronted by Jehsea Wells, who had his origins in Ozark, Arkansas. They has a distinctly psychedelic influence to their music-making (at least based on this song),

Wells grew up in Arkansas and, until recently, lived in an art commune in the gorgeous mountain lands around Fayetteville. In his gently drifting power ballad “Seventeen” – which may be a bit of a tribute to Big Star’s great song about the same kind of angst, “Thirteen”  Wells tells his messed-up love he’d like to bring them to “Ar-Kansas, where there’s beer and molasses” and a certain immunity to time and those titular “red trees and white trashes” dot the psychedelic landscape. Unlike other artists who’ve found inspiration in the region’s woodsy cover and nighttime heat, and are keeping feedback-fed rock alive by not worrying about anybody else’s idea of what’s cool.


At only 23, Wells is already writing hooks that any of his heroes would envy. In Nashville he’s found bandmates who can take his vision past what he could do in Fayetteville’s coffee houses and backyards.

Keep posted for their upcoming EP called Codeine, via C3 Records.


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