THIN LIPS – ” Chosen Family “

Posted: June 15, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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THIN LIPS have a new album ‘Chosen Family’ out July 27th on Lame-O! Recorded at The Headroom in Philadelphia by Thin Lips, mixed by Joe Reinhart with production help from Frances Quinlan comes the bands sophomore LP. The first song “A Song For Those Who Miss You All The Time” premiered yesterday

The band’s current lineup — siblings Chrissy and Mikey Tashjian and Kyle Pulley — have orbited each other for the last decade in Philadelphia, playing in bands and touring together. For two of them, being related by blood certainly helped. Their sophomore album, Chosen Family, is a testament to the connections they’ve forged over the years. It’s about carving out a community for yourself, and its cover art is stitched together with friends and members of the music scene that have come to be a part of this family.

Its lead single, “A Song For Those Who Miss You All The Time,” is about the loss of one of the family, more specifically the death of Tashjian’s younger brother. It’s an anthem for those that are left behind, and it turns the persistent ache into something jubilant. “I know no matter what that he’s not coming back anymore,” Chrissy Tashjian sings, but she’s still left wondering dreaming of that missing piece: “We were together in my sleep/ I knew I recognized your face and you said you knew me.” It’s a heartbreaking song, but it’s wrapped up in one of the catchiest choruses that Thin Lips have ever made. “A Song For Those Who Miss You All The Time” is about living and thriving despite the loss, the feeling of missing someone but having to force yourself to keep going.


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