FALCON JANE – ” The News “

Posted: June 5, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Hailing from the excellent named Orangeville in Ontario, Falcon Jane are the musical vehicle for the songwriting of front-woman Sara May. They describe their music as, “plez rock”, a genre inspired by nature, truth, peace and magic. On new single, The News, released this week, thankfully there’s enough quality to go without the need for musical tags.

The accompanying press release for The News starts with a simple pronouncement, “grief is so complicated.”The News explores that in stunning depth, from the fear, emptiness and anguish through to the moving on and the healing; as the song runs you can almost feel Sara healing. The track was inspired, at least in part, by a news story local to Falcon Jane, where a young boy was washed out of his mother’s arms by the flood waters, an event that deeply affected Sara and all in the local community. Musically, there’s a blurring of the sweet indie-pop of Camera Obscura or Squirrel Flower, fused with twanging country guitars and stirring, minimal production. Throughout the lyrics there’s a sense of searching, of longing for a way back to what was, yet somehow trying to find a path to a future where the pain isn’t quite so all-encompassing. Moving and rather wonderful, Falcon Jane might not make a loud noise, yet they leave a very strong impression.

The News is out now  is the second single from Falcon Jane’s album, “Feelin’ Freaky” out in August 2018. falconjane.bandcamp.com


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