ASHLEY MONROE – ” Paying Attention “

Posted: May 24, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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As her career has progressed, singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe has been able to move further and further away from the standard Nashville plot. Some of that is due to the success that she has accrued through her association with her buddies Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley in The Pistol Annies, and her other friend Jack White, with whom she performed as part of his house band for a few years. But as her songwriting has gained strength and her commercial prospects have gotten brighter, her albums have shed many of the recognizable names that would hopefully pique the interest of curious listeners.The most notable name that is not on Sparrow, Monroe’s fourth LP, is Vince Gill, the country superstar who produced her previous two albums. Choosing instead to work with Nashville producer du jour Dave Cobb was a brilliant move on her part. Their collaboration has resulted in one of the strongest and most grown-up country albums to be released this decade.

The songs on this album were written from the most honest part of my soul. Dave Cobb is such a gem and took this project to another level. I’m beyond ready to share this new record with everyone.
You can pre-order ‘Sparrow’ now and you’ll get “Hands on You” and “Paying Attention” right away!

When I listen to ‘Sparrow’ from top to bottom, there is pain, forgiveness, for myself and others, and finally, a freedom. A freedom to move forward and grow. A freedom in being a 31-year old mother who feels stronger and more confident than I ever have. Sparrow is officially here. I hope you find freedom and healing in it, too, Ashley

Ashley Monroe’s upcoming record, “Sparrow”


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