MARINE – ” Red Fruit “

Posted: April 30, 2018 in MUSIC
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On their recently released debut album, Fable Electric, London-quartet, Marine quickly set about living up to all the hype around them. Drawing comparison to the likes of Warpaint and PJ Harvey, Marine make the music of contrasts, driving beats and hypnotic a-melodic bass sit menacingly beneath intricate vocal harmonies and hook-laden guitar lines. Marine take the extraordinary stuff of legend and place it firmly into the everyday world that surrounds them, theirs is the sound of four different musicians growing through the cracks in the urban landscape and combining to something far greater than the sum of their parts. Music that bridges the gaps between spectral pop, dreamy grunge and ambient folk, whilst lyrically exploring ancient tales of mythology and the underworld

One the year’s finest debuts to date, you’ll get a chance to see how Fable Electric translates to the live stage when the band play at our upcoming All-Dayer this Saturday at The Victoria in Dalston.


The band – made up of Cara Sebastian (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Ruby Jack (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Beth Dariti (Bass) and Kaja Magsam (Drums) – have been running their own show in their own way, touring across Europe and the UK

FABLE ELECTRIC is out now on vinyl, Debut album from all female quartet, Marine

Written & Perfomed by Marine, Produced by Gordon Raphael & Marine


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