OMNI – ” Confessional “

Posted: April 19, 2018 in MUSIC


Atlanta post-punk three-piece Omni have now shared “Confessional,” the B-side from their new 7-inch, Sunset Preacher b/w Confessional, out this Friday, April 20 via Chunklet Insustries.

“Confessional” follows the release of the punchy, stop-start “Sunset Preacher” and its stark, twitchy guitar sound carries over from that previous song. “Confessional” doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, but it shows that Omni’s jerky, glistening guitars, bold, deadpan vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics haven’t lost their infectious appeal or their sheen just yet.

Omni’s latest studio album was 2017’s Multi-Task, one of our top albums from last year. “Omni remains a band that’s best at its most berserk. Multi-Task hits its high marks when the band is doing as much as it can, or, if you will, multi-tasking.” Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Omni carry a warm and glowing sense of exploration within their smart, rhythmic, and brilliantly groovy post-punk. Last year’s second record – an inspired collection of heady twists-and-turns



Omni will head out on a European tour in June, July and August.


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