PHOBOPHOBES – ” Miniature World “

Posted: April 9, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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After releasing a string of superb singles – including ‘Where Is My Owner?’ and ‘The Never Never’  South Londoners Phobophobes have released their debut album!

‘Miniature World’ came out on 26th January via Ra Ra Rok and the band have also shared the title track! Speaking of the track, the band said: “Miniature World was spawned from long jam over a monotonous old drum machine, we hacked away at it to form a purposefully relentless, repetitive and simple structure that oscillates between the absurd and the familiar.

“We self-referenced the content of the song which questions the productive and reductive nature of modern communication, it acts as an ‘interruption’ within the setting of the album. The way the final chorus climaxes and diminishes into the bands layered vocals rhetorically wailing “Miniature World?”, I wanted the chorus’ to advertise the rest of the song, and the song to ironically advertise the rest of the album which is also titled “Miniature world”.

The band Phobophobes have dragged their weird and wonderful dark psychedelic rock’n’roll into the light of Miniature World, their debut album which was mixed by Youth, of Killing Joke. Their influences are widespread – and atypical – with the music closer to the spirit of apocalyptic garage rock than it is to consumer pop. Think Wall of Voodoo, Joe Meek


From the album ‘Miniature World’
Available on Ra-Ra Rok Records

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