FIELD REPORT – ” Summertime Songs “

Posted: April 9, 2018 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Field Report’s new album Summertime Songs featuring “Never Look Back” and “If I Knew” is available now: Centering around the narrative songs of Chris Porterfield (formerly of DeYarmond Edison with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon).

Summertime Songs is Field Report’s third and most expansive album, following in the vein of Wilco, The National, and The War On Drugs. Named in honor of the season of its creation, Summertime Songs is a chronicle of disintegrating relationships – including the one that’s governing what’s left of our democracy.

It’s been a few years since the acclaimed Milwaukee band, Field Report, released a new album. But the wait is finally over. The group is releasing its third album, “Summertime Songs,”.

In the lead up to the album drop, the group has been busy. They opened for their friends (and former bandmates) Bon Iver at the 10th anniversary show for “For Emma, Forever Ago” at Milwaukee’s BMO Bradley Center. They also played some shows at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, this month.

Plus, the band recently stopped by Wisconsin Public Radio to play a couple tracks off “Summertime Songs,” and Field Report founding member, lead singer, and guitarist Christopher Porterfield

Porterfield has a good reason for the three-plus year wait on the new album. While he was recording the new record, he became a father. Lately, he’s been a stay-at-home dad to his 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Jane.

“Before her, it was all music. Since her, it’s been all her,” said Porterfield. “Now, we’re muddying the waters a bit here, we’ll see how it plays out and see how those two things coexist.”


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Porterfield has been the only consistent member on each of the Field Report albums. Joining him on “Summertime Songs” is Thomas Wincek on keys, Barry Paul Clark on bass, and Devin Drobka on drums.

This band is amazing. I’ve never played with a group of people like them beforeThis band is amazing. I’ve never played with a group of people like them before,” said Porterfield. “They were all fundamental in how this record came out. It was a very collaborative process. (We were) responding to one another’s energy and ideas.”

“I’ve never gotten more blinding, exhilarating, thrilling, exciting energy than making music with these guys. So, from the beginning of recording this record, this was not a, ‘Hey guys, come on over! I have a bunch of completed songs I’d like you to dress up.’ It was, ‘OK, I’m going to throw some stuff down in the studio and you react to it and I’ll react to that and so on.

“It was like a collaborative painting studio where we would just show up and knew we could get consistently good light, and we had the time and tools to work and just start layering things and sculpting things and adding things on and pulling things away and throwing things out and starting over. Then going back to the garbage and wonder, ‘Oh, maybe that wasn’t so bad,’ and then repurposing it. Suddenly, it’s not a painting anymore, it’s part of the sculpture.”


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