JESSE JO STARK – ” Fire Of Love “

Posted: April 8, 2018 in MUSIC


If you like dark, gripping guitars swirling into a dream-like inferno, then Jesse Jo Stark has just what you need. Her new song, “Fire of Love” will scorch your eardrums with its smokey rage, as Stark ensures that her full emotion comes across in the song.

“I wanna burn in the fire of love,” she sings on the chorus, reaching upward in her vocal register as the music surges behind her. With an expertly balanced push-and-pull throughout, Stark always keeps the moment engaging, backing off before it’s too overwhelming and adding to the fury when an injection of energy is needed.

“I wanted to write an anthem with a lady stomp,” she explained about the song. “It tells the story of lost, but it’s empowering & fearless. The woman knows just what she wants from it. Musically, it represents the moment everything clicked between myself, Dan, and Tom.

Jesse Jo Stark will be releasing a new EP on June 1st, and plans to release the full-length project later in the fall. Before that time comes, however, strap yourself in and check out “Fire of Love”


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