BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW – ” Baby’s in the Void “

Posted: March 28, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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There isn’t much known about Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tobacco. There’s his government name, Tom Fec. A few photos if you want to Google, most of them in a mask. He’s done enough interviews where he patiently breaks down the creative process and the ideas espoused, but has mostly resisted the soul-snuffing admissions expected from contemporary musicians. In that vein, he’s closer to a Boards of Canada, DOOM, or Aphex Twin—periodically visible but opaque—emotional but unwilling to exploit the self-mythology and cult that cropped up around him.

Acclaimed by critics, although most have been left bewildered by it, Black Moth Super Rainbow is clearly doing something right as the tour with Nine Inch Nails goes to show. Although doing a split with Nine Inch Nails synth man Allesandro Cortini probably didn’t hurt. The split in question contains tracks ‘Baby’s In The Void’ and ‘Ipermercato’. The former is streaming now, and is a low fi, 80’s retro, synthwave hybrid.

from the upcoming album “Panic Blooms” out May 4th on Rad Cult Records


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