MC5 – ” Back In The USA “

Posted: March 20, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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On January. 15th, 1970, one of the best ways to spell Rock and Roll was to use two letters and a number. MC5

It was on this day that they released their first studio album “Back In The USA”. (Their first LP “Kick Out The Jams” had been a live album) It was/is pure unadulterated balls out Rock and Roll. Any list of the greatest Rock albums includes it. If we did one, it would be near the top!

Though the Motor City 5 reunited with slight lineup changes in ’92 and again in ’03, the punk progenitors’ legacy is rooted in a brief but influential three-album run starting in 1969. The second of those, 1970’s Back In The USA, The album marks a departure from the kinetic live performances of the band’s debut, Kick Out The Jams, and subsequently it didn’t sell as well as its predecessor. But the stripped-down aesthetic only amplified the MC5’s core influences of early rhythm and blues—exemplified in some loud-and-fast covers of Little Richard and Chuck Berry—and its political radicalism. The latter couldn’t be more overt on “The American Ruse,” where Rob Tyner takes down police brutality and superficial consumerist culture while distorted (and subversively American-sounding) blues riffs burn up around him.

Any MC5 fans still out there?

Happy 48th Birthday to “Back In The USA”!!!!

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