The WHO – ” A Quick One ” Studio Sessions 1966

Posted: March 17, 2018 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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1966: A Quick One

Recorded at IBC Studios, Pye Studios and Regent Sound, London in the autumn of 1966. Pete’s first rock opera contains six separate songs, ‘Her Man’s Gone’, ‘Crying Town’, ‘We Have A Remedy’, ‘Ivor The Engine Driver’, ‘Soon Be Home’, and ‘You Are Forgiven’. Along the way the unnamed heroine pines for her absent lover, selects Ivor as a substitute, regrets her folly when her man returns, confesses her indiscretion and is ultimately forgiven. John:”We wanted to put ‘cellos on the track but Kit Lambert said we couldn’t afford it. That’s why we sing ‘cello, cello, cello, cello,’…where we thought they should be.”

In 1966 The Who’s 2nd Album, A Quick One, marked a change in The Who’s recording approach, and although re-recording songs that had previously been cut with Shel Talmy and discovering stereo as everyone was at the time, the addition of the Mini Opera demonstrated the path the band would eventually be taking.


00:00 “Batman” (Neal Hefti) 01:37 “Bucket T” (Dean Torrence, Roger Christian, Donald J. Altfeld) 03:49 “Barbara Ann” (Fred Fassert) 05:47 “Disguises” (Pete Townshend) 08:56 “Doctor, Doctor” (John Entwistle) 11:55 “I’ve Been Away” (Entwistle) 14:03 “In the City” (Entwistle, Moon) 16:23 “Happy Jack” (Townshend) 19:14 “Man With the Money” (Don Everly, Phil Everly) 21:59 “My Generation/Land of Hope and Glory” (Townshend/Edward Elgar)

  • Bass Guitar, Vocals – John Entwistle
  • Drums, Vocals – Keith Moon
  • Guitar, Vocals – Pete Townshend
  • Vocals – Roger Daltrey

THE WHO“A quick one while he’s away” – 1969 – Live at the London Coliseum

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