YO LA TENGO – ” For You Too “

Posted: March 3, 2018 in MUSIC
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The band named its latest record There’s a Riot Going On, ruefully echoing Sly & The Family Stone’s 1971 LP title. But instead of facing the tribulations of our times with vitriol and barricade-storming, Yo La Tengo offers an aural panacea for the soul, a place where those wearied and wounded by the struggles of the day can soak up some warmth, placidity, and humanity. And “For You Too” takes a hands-on approach to the healing.

With fat, fuzzy bass, gently jangling guitar arpeggios, and an amiably loping beat, Ira Kaplan’s friendly, reverb-soaked murmur purposefully but unassumingly delivers a message of proactive, one-to-one compassion. He allows from the start that his communiqué isn’t coming from a place of perfection—”I’m just some guy, barely polite,” he begins, eventually adding “too much pride” and “way too snide” to his tally of personal flaws.

But after a few guitar flurries, Kaplan’s aqueous tones start to rise slightly as he avows his altruistic intentions. Emotional protection is what he’s putting forward, “whenever there’s hurt and when things are uncertain.” And while that would certainly sound like a welcome offer at any time, Kaplan and company know full well that things are more uncertain in their homeland than ever these days. So his words are likely to fall upon ears that need them now more than ever.

From the forthcoming album, ‘There’s a Riot Going On.’ Out March 16th on Matador Records


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