AWAKEBUTSTILLINBED – ” What People Call Low Self-Esteem Is Just Seeing Yourself The Way Others See You “

Posted: March 1, 2018 in MUSIC
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For bands in San Jose, existence itself is a political act. With almost no venues at their disposal, and a culture dictated by billion dollar corporations, passion is the only option. Formed in 2017, Awakebutstillinbed emerge from this environment screaming out for connection and meaning, their music “a vivid rendering of a life spent standing on a precipice”.
Awakebutstillinbed debut What People Call Low Self-Esteem Is Just Seeing Yourself The Way Others See You is an album about being crushed by expectations, and loaded with other people’s desires. It is untamable, and undeniable. What began as the solo project of singer/guitarist Shannon Taylor, Awakebutstillinbed are now a powerful group, part At the Drive-In, part Kim Shattuck, and (at times) part pre-Good News Modest Mouse. Explosive and honest, Taylor’s lyrics painfully, purposefully tear out the false seams and sutures that shape us in the eyes of others, revealing underneath the beautiful, beating heart of whatever it is we call the self. On paper, it might sound like familiar territory for emo, but don’t be fooled Awakebutstillinbed map out whole areas of the soul previously pushed to the shadows. Plus, they fucking rock.

The San Jose emo band’s debut sounds like various states of alarm, a big statement that leans on the raw impulses of singer and songwriter Shannon Taylor. While some albums use a spectrum or rainbow for their emotional palette, low self-esteem needs a fire code: Every moment sounds an alarm, they’re only differentiated by its state of emergency.  – Pitchfork Review (7.7)
They say the best music comes from the heart; Awakebutstillinbed’s debut album, is nothing if not a testament to this. On the solo project of Shannon Taylor, every moment is more vulnerable than the last as she lays every emotion out for the world to see. A classic cathartic, emotional, good ‘ol punk album for those who feel too much… – The Grey Estates

what people call low self​-​esteem screams out of the gate with perceptive and esoteric songs about the relationship with self and, in turn, each other, and it’s one of 2018’s first great releases. – Crossfader
Think shimmer meets aggression meets sadness meets elation meets pretty melodies you can totally scream-sing along to… – Oh My Rockness

Released January 3rd, 2018


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