TALENA BRICKER – ” Drowning ” EP

Posted: February 14, 2018 in MUSIC
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Pacific Northwest native and indie-folk musician Talena Bricker has been writing songs for over 17 years. It was only recently that she mustered the courage to present them publicly. Many of her songs explore this in themes of choices, overcoming fears, and loss. Her current project is her debut EP, “Drowning”, set to release  this January, 

Here is the video for Drowning. It is Brad’s (my husband’s) brain child. I do not like being in front of a camera, so I went into it kicking and screaming a bit, but relented (and eventually had fun even with random people watching us like we were crazy!). This video was shot during our summer vacation at Twin Lakes, Washington, where we have vacationed for a decade (and Brad’s family for decades before). Also, an insiders note here, Brad was shooting this with our baby strapped to him.  I don’t want to forget to give music producer credit to Jason Vorpagel – you rock, man! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share! And if you want to stream or download the music, just visit https://talenabricker.bandcamp.com/…/dr…



Talena Bricker shares mellow indie folk single, ‘From These Cliffs’ the final track to be revealed from her debut EP, ‘Drowning’ which is out now!

Talena Bricker weaves sadness into serenity in new single, ‘From These Cliffs’. There’s a solemn and reverant tone to the song, as Bricker’s captivating vocal spills vivid poetic lyricism amongst delicate and consoling arrangements. ‘From These Cliffs’ is arguably the most blissful track on Bricker’s ‘Drowning’ EP.  Despite the joyful ambience that lives within the song. It’s conflicted. Shudders of vulnerability and sorrow haunt the song in such a way, Bricker leaves her listener feeling both soothed and saddened.


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