The MYRRORS – ” We Are The Resistance “

Posted: February 5, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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On Facebook, the Myrrors describe their work as “Sonoran Trance Music,” which is about as apt a self-description you’ll see from a band today. It’s apt despite the Myrrors of 2017 sounding much different than the straightforward, guitar-rich Myrrors who debuted with Burning Circles in the Sky in 2008. By 2015’s magnificent Arena Negra,they had taken a multi-year break, added a violin, toured Europe, and committed themselves to Indian street instruments and ocarinas, sounds not usually heard on psychedelic rock records, at least by American psychedelic rock bands, who’d be smart, like the Myrrors, to move away from electric guitar and into the majestic acid territory of Popol Vuh, Ghost, recent Goat, and latter-day Boredoms.

On their 2016 effort Entranced Earth, guitars seemed to have taken a final step back in favor of clarinet, recorder, and ocarina; yet each song still retained a chewy guitar center amid the Myrrors’ hypnotic sprawl. But on new tracks “Somos La Resistencia” and “Organ Mantra,” from the Myrrors’ 2017 release Hasta La Victoria, guitars are almost fully removed as any sort of central instrument. “Somos La Resistencia” remains in the same trance territory as past releases, yet not; for one thing, it’s fully sung in Spanish. For another, it has giddy-up, compared to past Myrrors tracks; a circular 2/4 stomp bolstered by a stuttering electric bouzouki. Electric bouzouki (best guess) also appears on the head-nodding “Organ Mantra,’ but duels with clarinet atop a swaying bassline.



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