Posted: February 2, 2018 in MUSIC
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THERE IS NO BIGGER NAME IN THE ART AND COLLECTIBLES WORLD THAN ANDY WARHOL. Period. It’s indisputable and will in the long run be the overriding fact that determines the future value and desirability of this poster. This lot is more than just a concert poster. There are literally several thousands of serious Warhol collectors around the world that would love to own this poster. None of these collectors even know that it exists. Why? Because very few are known of today! Billions of dollars of wealth have been created by the Andy Warhol brand. Those lucky enough to acquire one of his early pieces have become multi-millionaires. Those that had the foresight to buy his work in quantity, now have a solid 9 figure $100,000,000+ net worth. That’s right, hundreds of millions of dollars have been made by single collectors with Warhol.

Poster – Andy Warhol, Fillmore Auditorium
Catalog #BG-8
Grade – CGC 9.4
Bands/Bill – Andy Warhol and His Plastic Inevitable, Velvet Underground, Mothers, Nico
Venue- Fillmore Auditorium
City – San Francisco, California
Date – 5/27-29/66

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