The OH HELLOS – ” Grow “

Posted: January 19, 2018 in Classic Albums, MUSIC

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Late last year, brother/sister duo the Oh Hellos released Notos, the first EP in a series of four to be released throughout the rest of this year. On February 9th, the duo will release the second of those EPs, Eurus. Named after four Greek mythological wind deities, the EPs collectively seek to explore the origins of creativity and ideas.

Ahead of Eurus‘ release, the duo has shared a new track, “Grow.” The track ponders personal growth and open-mindedness, building from a gently delivered opening verse to a full-band singalong a hallmark of the duo’s sound — by its midpoint.

“‘Grow’ was written when we were beginning to understand how badly certainty can stunt your growth as a human being,” Maggie Heath says. “It’s human to want to have the world all figured out — and to keep it all figured out — but then when the world shakes you up, you crack like a poorly laid foundation. Luckily, at least in our experience, that is when you find yourself with the space to grow into the fullest version of yourself, more than your concrete mold could ever allow you to.”



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