Posted: January 16, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Teenage Wrist (Photo by Dan Monick)

“The world is bigger, brighter and more terrifying than you ever imagined,” Teenage Wrist singer-guitarist Marshall Gallagher says. That was as true in the ’90s when the L.A. trio’s sound was all the rage as it is now, when the band is making rolling waves of distorted guitars, feedback and angsty wonder sound like it is, well, currently all the rage. The trio — Gallagher, with bassist-singer Kamtin Mohager and drummer Anthony Salazar — announced back in November that they had signed to Epitaph Records, and today’s bulletin is that their debut album “Chrome Neon Jesus” will be out March 9. “Dweeb” is the latest neck-snapper of a single, a song about which Gallagher says: “That song and the record in general in my mind is about growing up and realizing that the world around you isn’t necessarily the one that you thought it would be.” No kidding.

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