NADINE – ” Pews “

Posted: January 13, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The very wonderful band Nadine have shared a new song, “Pews”, ahead of their forthcoming debut album ‘oh my’. Lead by Nadia Hulett, with nods to the likes of Julia Holter, the trio have one foot standing firm in pop, but ebb and flow with experimentation.

Based out of Minneapolis/New York’s Nadine make melodies that transcend acoustics. their debut album oh my is collection of sophisticated modern pop songs that resonate in the gaps, the space between deadlines and timelines. more akin to poetry set to music, nadine is all about exploring feeling. whilst most poets revel in the personal, Nadine’s process is collaborative whose core is singer Nadia Hulett (part of the loose collective phantom posse) and Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez (both of ava luna). the trio’s practice is marked by their commitment to playfulness, curiosity, and fluidity.


Nadine’s  polyphonic melodies swing and gambol, instrumental layers take generous flourishes and unexpected turns with an ear to the wondrous and occasionally weird, crafting jazz-tinged lounge-pop all held together by Hulett’s characteristic vocals, strong with a sincerity and gentleness that holds the listener.

Hulett looks at the origin of the songs: “my body is filled with melodies and sonic textures, incubating & looping. my father was a club singer before i came around, and i still sing melodies i explored as a child, the big soul music my parents were into. those tunes just come back and i’ll cut them up and place them with something new. extracted from daydreams past, present & future. my mom says she has memories of me in the back of the car with a marker and paper asking her to spell out word by word lyrics to a song i was scheming up.”

Carlos and i were given a sandbox to play in but the parameters of the sandbox were defined by Nadia every time. it’s really the ideal way for me to work. anything is possible and fair game. Nadia was the boss though – she had the song and we just filled in the instruments. it was pretty clear when we were going the right direction, and when we weren’t.”


‘oh my’ out 26th January, 2018 on Father/Daughter (North America) and Memphis Industries


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