The WINTERLINGS – ” American Son “

Posted: January 8, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Winterlings’ pensive musings and sedate soundscapes take on an extra edge on American Son, an album that finds the duo — Amanda Birdsall and Wolff Bowden — making a concerted comment about the darker side of the American landscape in an era dominated by Trump, ugliness and uncertainty. While there are still tranquil tones present amidst the forlorn ambiance that shrouds the album overall, it takes some effort to find any light peering in between the low hanging clouds. Like others of their ilk — Shovels & Rope, the Innocence Mission and Over the Rhine in particular — The Winterlings make few concessions to commercial credence, but their beautiful folk-tinged songs are so uniformly affecting, no extra additives are necessary, even in the midst of more somber sentiments. The bare-boned arrangements evoke a kind of sepia tinged, gothic/gospel divide, a sound that imagines an evening lit by the fading embers in a fireplace as snow covers the surrounding terrain and a gray stillness fills the winter air. Remarkably evocative and emotionally inspired, title song “American Son” is an anthem for the ages.


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