The ONLY ONES – ” Live at the Paradiso Club ” 3rd November 1979

Posted: January 8, 2018 in MUSIC
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This show was recorded at the Paradiso, the famous Amsterdam concert hall, and captured on the 3rd of November 1979, some months before their last LP Baby’s Got A Gun was released. It was apparently broadcasted by a Dutch radio but I don’t know which one. If the playing is far from being perfect and often Peter Perrett seems a little elsewhere (not too much vocally, but his guitar is quite erratic , there are some stunning versions of “Big Sleep” or “The Beast” where one can understand why for some of us the Only Ones will remain among the greatest and most exciting and moving band of our lives. This concert was released on CD on various labels according to countries (on Jungle in UK) .

Recorded Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam 3rd November 1979 :1 As My Wife Says 2.Inbetweens 3. Programme 4. Oh Lucinda Love Becomes A Habit 5.The Big Sleep 6. Language Problem 7. Miles From Nowhere 8. The Beast 9. Another Girl, Another Planet 10.Peter And The Pets 11. City Of Fun 12. Trouble In The World 13. Me And My Shadow 14. The Immortal Story


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