The DEEP DARK WOODS – ” Yarrow “

Posted: January 8, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Canadian combo known as The Deep Dark Woods have been putting out superb albums for several years, all of consistent quality and well worth the notice. Their latest, Yarrow, is no exception. Cloaked in an even deeper and darker ambiance, this multi-talented sextet creates a furtive folk noir that evokes the sound of wind blown prairies, far-flung environs and a craggy wilderness milieu. It’s all atmosphere to an extent, and indeed preoccupied with circumspect, but the occasional moments of upbeat energy suggest the Band in all their archival glory. Mostly, the music moves at a deliberate pace, a stoic sound that keeps a deliberate focus and cohesive embrace. These reverential tones can be both hypnotic and harrowing, all the better to seize on the senses and make an indelible impression. Take time to listen… Yarrow demands full attention.

“Fallen Leaves,” from The Deep Dark Woods’ forthcoming album Yarrow, gushes acetone and saline, burning and cleansing the memory of lovely Annie, dead and gone. The song is a sideways pass at recreating the sound of country keyboard legend Augie Meyers.

“Drifting On A Summer’s Night”, performed by The Deep Dark Woods. Video footage from “Not So Easy: A Motorcycle Safety Film (1973)”


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