Posted: January 7, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC

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His irreverent subject matter and genre-fluidity has garnered him a cult following online but now Gabriel Black is ready to take his message to the people. Born in New Jersey and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Gabriel Black’s interest in performance stemmed from his love of legendary hip hop artist Immortal Technique. “His message really drew me in as he was a very political rapper and I was a very political kid at the time” he says.  After dropping out of college in Boston Gabriel found himself working at Immortal Technique’s label Viper Records in New York who set him up with an apartment on the Upper West Side.

A bout of self-doubt settled in leading our young songwriter to Monterey, California where isolation and boredom led him to creating some of his greatest work.

“Monterey is this little coastal town, it’s actually pretty beautiful. I had one friend there and I’d go out to bars with him like once a week. Other than that, I would just stay in the house all the time” he explains “I don’t know what it was but when I was in Monterey I started to make all this music. It was the most efficient and crazy musical and creative time of my life.”

Whilst there Gabriel wrote “sad boy”, a song as diverse sonically as the cities it’s writer has resided, all bound together by Gabriel’s distinctive vocal tone and sparse production. This theme entrenched in simplicity runs through all his offerings from the eerie falsetto of “Pine Trees” to the face melting guitar solo in “Freedom”.


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