JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD – ” Sorry is Gone ” Best Albums Of 2017

Posted: December 29, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Full disclosure, To date everything Jessica Lea Mayfield creates including her latest album fits nicely between her breakthrough Tell Me and her previous album Make My Head Sing.

On her latest release, she has seemed to find her confidence again. After a public split up at the result of domestic violence, the album takes a whole new angle with a courageous narrative of a songwriter who no longer feels bound by “Sorry”. The title track is some of the most pop heavy on the album, yet still carries the weight of her trademark heartbreak well. “Meadow” showcases her guitar distortion that was so refreshing on her last release. What makes Jessica Lea Mayfield such a talent is her achingly poignant lyrics that somehow are sung with a sweet detachment that draws listeners in.

Perhaps our favorite lyric is found on “Maybe Whatever” with her ability to rhyme shotgun with futon. Yet with Mayfieldthere is always more going on than what is found on the surface. Honest and brave, “Sorry is Gone” is definitely one of the most phenomenal releases of this year and finds a songwriter who continues to fight demons with the proper amount of guitar and melancholy vocals.


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