JD McPHERSON – ” Undivided Heart And Soul “

Posted: December 20, 2017 in MUSIC
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Over the past five years, JD McPherson has emerged as a thrilling ’50s stylist with a modern sense of pop-craft and genre fusion. On his tour-de-force 2017 release, the Oklahoma singer finetunes his blend of blues boogie, r&b, rockabilly, and alt-rock that would make Jack White, Pokey LaFarge and the Black Keys all proud. The result is the defining visceral record of his career, with slow-aching ballads like “Hunting For Sugar” balancing out fast-paced barnburners like “On the Lips” and “Under the Spell of City Lights.” “On Undivided Heart & Soul”, JD McPherson proved he’s one of roots music’s most exciting young revivalists.

On his third album, JD McPherson leans harder on the first syllable of “rockabilly.” The retro-sounding tracks, most of which feature prominent walking-bass lines courtesy of Jimmy Sutton, are among the highlights. Single “Lucky Penny” (which doesn’t hide its Dan Auerbach influence), jittery “Bloodhound Rock” and “Under the Spell of the City Lights” (featuring another notable co-writer, Aaron Lee Tasjan) all harken back to retro rocking songs in both McPherson’s own catalogue and American music as a whole. While Undivided Heart & Soul explores both the past and the future of roots music, McPherson shines brightest when he blends both influences to stay rooted in the present.


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