MAGGIE ROGERS – ” Dog Years “

Posted: December 19, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Maggie Rogers: “A friend of mine said that festivals are an awesome excuse to be the loudest version of yourself”

For so many artists the transition from independent releases to the major label league means giving up control, creative freedom and often relying upon team members to steer the project. This is something Maggie Rogers had been reluctant to consider, but she quickly realised upon signing – with Polydor in the U.K. and Capitol in the U.S. – that not things were different from the horror stories she’d imagined.

“I think the biggest surprise of all was actually a really nice surprise,” she says. “I had all these meetings with all these record labels and I wasn’t really sure what to make of them. I come from a culture that isn’t very sure of what to make of record labels, but what I came away with from the process was that people who work at record labels are really good people who really love music.”

With her Glastonbury set this weekend, a moment which is certain to be pivotal for the young star-in-waiting, the anticipation of a follow up track or project from Rogers to better Now That The Light Is Fading is skyrocketing. Knowing Maggie Rogers beautifully measured approach to winning people over, online and on-stage, she won’t disappoint.


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