GREAT GRANDPA – ” Plastic Cough “

Posted: December 16, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Early in 2017 Great Grandpa’s “Can Opener EP was released .I heard during an interview with vocalist, Alex, that their new album would be more expansive and varied than the EP, From my first listen of Plastic Cough, I knew this was exactly the type of band I like . Each track ricochets through tempo changes and angular riffs, while the vocals cut through and then collect for scream-along choruses. Great Grandpa’s lyrics leave you raging at the sky or collapsed on the floor in a puddle from track to track. The sheer variety of emotional energy leaves your mind reeling. As the guitars build a wave of warm fuzz. The album ends with a track about escaping zombies when you’re high, grab a listen to Plastic Cough


Praise for “Plastic Cough”:

“One of the best records of 2017” KEXP

“’90s slacker-rock chord progressions; growing into moments of grungy noise; unraveling into poppy, palm-muted riffs; building and faltering; exploding and nearing silence with surprising precision.” -NPR

“Catchy, emotional rock… sound[s] like the best of Weezer. Only cooler.” – The FADER

Plastic Cough echoes with loose meandering, jangly/angular guitar and ragged vocal harmonies, but upholding it all is attention to craft and accessibility. You can hear it clearly in the album’s quieter moments, which are many. These are skilled musicians making music that’s blatantly fun but also surprisingly subtle.” – City Arts Magazine

“[Teen Challenge is] a definitive example of everything that Great Grandpa does best: savvy, self-aware, and full of surprising musical moments that will keep listeners guessing throughout.” – KEXP (SONG OF THE DAY)

” …the Seattle quintet’s most compelling moment to..

released July 7th, 2017
Songs by Pat Goodwin, lyrics by Alex Menne, arrangements by Great Grandpa *

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