Posted: December 14, 2017 in MUSIC
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They sing, “Flesh is flesh and blood is life,” on this session and the thoughts of bodies and people and what makes them pump, what makes them work is all over these Arcade Fire-sounding songs. Listen to Sundara Karma’s the album ‘Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect’ . 

Sundara Karma sat down to make a video for new single ‘Flame’ recently, working alongside Bruno Chiecco on something fresh. Taking inspiration from Plato’s famed allegory of the cave, the clip is both eye-catching and illuminating. Lead singer Oscar Lulu explains:

“The song is based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. As soon as I saw the treatment that Bruno had done, I knew it was the one. We just had to make it; there was no other option for us. It is the perfect visual representation and emphasises the real message of the song. We are basically commenting on the whole post-modern reality that we find ourselves living in… The Matrix. Where adverts, politicians, the war on drugs, terrorism, consumerism, mass production, celebri- ty culture, social networks etc are the shadows that permeate our walls – and we all buy into it. We have grown up being forced to believe that these things have true value and that it’s the only reality accessi- ble to us. The video reflects this idea in more of a day to day light, a way in which practically all of us can relate to.”



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