LOVELY BAD THINGS – ” Homebodied ” EP

Posted: December 14, 2017 in MUSIC
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Lovely Bad Things (2017) by Caroline Baker

Lovely Bad Things are a quintet from the California town of La Mirada, a place the band describe as, “a fitting place to find solace in music”. The band offer a DIY-take on early 90’s rock, fusing layered melodious vocals with a vicious three-pronged guitar assault and powerful rhythm section. Having honed their sound for the best part of eight years, Lovely Bad Things released EP Homebodied this year sharing the debut single of  the single, Hiding To Nothing.

With its prominent rolling basslines, arsenal of jangling guitar tones, and heavily beaten drums,finds the potent middle ground between the alt-rock of Dinosaur Jr and the poppy melodies of The Goon Sax. The stars of the show are the contrasting vocals lines, Camron Ward’s easy-going Stephen Malkmus-like delivery set against Lauren Curtius’ powerfully melodic tones – The Pixies comparisons are as accurate as they are predictable.  A band who’ve taken their time to perfect their sound, Lovely Bad Things now emerge as a thrilling prospect, and with a full length release and European tour to come they are a band who might just be.


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