MO TROPER – ” Exposure & Response “

Posted: December 8, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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When I hear they are a band from Portland I can always get more excited than those from anywhere else these days. Probably because there are more of them to be excited about. Mo Tropper apparently is both a person and a band. His/Their new album combines psychedelia and power pop in a similar way that jellyfish did. I am also reminded of the Return of the Frog Queen by Jeremy Enigk, Cardinal, Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground and the Beach Boys. This album is in technicolor. Its a well crafted slice of power pop where every song has it’s place and no tune overstays it’s welcome. More people should be striving to write the kind of timeless and insanely catchy music this guy seems to throw out like it’s as easy and automatic as putting his pants on in the morning.


The Band:

mo troper: vocals, guitar, keys, bass, drums
jackson machado: guitar
ben burwell: bass
asher mcKenzie: drums

additional musicians:
lee ellis: keys
shannon rose steele: violin, viola
lily breshears: vocals
zach banks: cello
anthony meade: trombone
corey palacois: trumpet


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