The WAR ON DRUGS – ” Holding On ” Live at Electric Lady Studios

Posted: November 30, 2017 in MUSIC
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When Adam Granduciel croons “He never gonna change; he never gonna learn,” it’s vague, like the best Americana lyrics, easy to try on like a coat in the mirror of Goodwill, it fits just right. You can imagine the War on Drugs changing, but don’t count on it. When he sings “Now I’m headed down a different road,” its obvious that he isn’t talking about music or writing choices. The War on Drugs are here to stay, wearing in this sound like a butt groove on a 1970’s leather couch. Granduciel still sings like Bob Dylan, and rocks like Bruce Springsteen. In every promo photo he looks like he just smoked a pack of Marlboros in his worn-in jeans and is ready for an apple pie. He is as American as the long dusty highways and grain filled horizons his songs emulate. This one in particular, like the best songs on his last two records, spends its energy in an exercise in repetition and consistency.

The War on Drugs performs “Holding On” live at Electric Lady Studios Recorded 6/6/17

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