KELLI SCHAEFER – ” No Identity “

Posted: November 30, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Kelli Schaefer is an absolute trip. Let me just get that out of the way. Sporting a denim trench coach and backlined by some notable Freakout Record musicians (Jeremiah Hayden on drums, Courtney Sheedy on bass, Elly Swope and Ryan Lynch on guitar), Kelli immediately sets you on edge with a controlled vocal style and two distinct personas on stage. Watching her perform is like watching a suspense movie that doesn’t climax. Your heart rate increases, breathing shortens and attention becomes wrapped in a straightjacket.

Much of this magnetism is due to Kelli’s imaginative hand movements and awkward body angles, but it’s her impressively dynamic vocal range that creates evangelists. It’s cruel and authoritarian one moment, charming and forgiving the next. She easily sings difficult melodies but also has the stamina to flawlessly extend notes.

Seeing Kelli Schaefer perform is an experience.


No Identity is darker than Ghost of the Beast, growling with confidence – but with a sense of humor. Confidence was hard-won, coming out of the passing of her father and dealing with the unavoidable ripples from it, the record was as much shaped by life and life was shaped around the record. The title track of No Identity kicks off with a beat as strong as a heart and a guitar line threatening to explode. She sings in clear, close range:

Kelli Schaefer: guitar/ vocals | Ryan Lynch: keys | Jeremiah Hayden: drums | Drew Grow: keys/ bass


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