Posted: November 30, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Dark Horses

This one is a heavy gripping burner of a track. The electro dark wave beats of this UK group are crafted with layers of incredible talent. The underlying rock vibe woven throughout is incredible and expands past the limits of genre. Touring with such diverse acts like Beck, The Dandy Warhols, and Sigur Rosthey are prepping to hit the road again with vintage rock darlings Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Dark Horses Music Film XIII is a collaboration with Italian dancer / choreographer Király (AKA Marta Antinucci) and visual artist T.S. Sanchez. Shot in Berlin, it depicts the coexistence of everyday life alongside the surreal, in a Fritz Lang futuristic style, with urban dystopian scenes.

 Their sound is pulsating, dark, and visceral in all the best ways. They have already won over some major publications in the UK, and we feel they will continue to do so with their latest release that is sure to find itself on an album – we hope sooner than later.



LISA ELLE – harmonica, vox
BOBBY WATERSON – organ, synths
ANASTASIA ZIO – electric bass guitar
DAVID W – electric guitar
STEVIE INGHAM – the drums
TOMMY CHAIN – percussion


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