AVA CHERRY — ” Astronettes Sessions “

Posted: November 20, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Ava Cherry was one of David Bowie’s backing vocalists (not to mention his girlfriend) during his Young Americans soul-obsessed era, and the great man himself produced this album — unfortunately, however, Bowie’s subsequent wranglings with both manager and record company meant it never got a release. Ava Cherry finally released it herself a few years back, and it’s a fascinating document of an fascinating era.

Before Bowie recorded the bulk of Diamond Dogs over three days in January 1974, he had been trying to get a “soul’” vocal trio off the ground. This was the Astronettes, who consisted of Bowie’s new girlfriend Ava Cherry, his longtime friend Geoff MacCormack (aka “Warren Peace”) and the unaffiliated Jason Guess.

Some of the surviving tracks were issued decades later and merit a listen if only out of curiosity, as some of Bowie’s Astronettes compositions are ancestors to his later songs. The promising (rhythmically, at least) “I Am Divine” is the first draft of Young Americans’ “Somebody Up There Likes Me.” “People From Bad Homes,” with a needling keyboard whistle for its main hook, seems bottom-drawer material. Bowie liked the title enough to use it in a later lyric, but seems to have discarded the rest of the song.

Bowie abandoned the project once Diamond Dogs took on steam, though he kept the Astronettes as his backing singers. He scrapped the proposed Astronettes record in part because of management-related shenanigans, but it was also obvious that the patchy material wasn’t commercially viable.

  • Musicians – Aynsley Dunbar, David Bowie, Herbie Flowers, Luis Ramirez , Mark Pritchard, Mike Garson
  • Producer – David Bowie

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