HONEY RADAR – ” Giraffe & Ignore The Bells ” 2 x 7″ Vinyls

Posted: November 19, 2017 in MUSIC
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Not sure if it’s layered solo work or a group or what, but it’s great short pop spasms owing equal debts to early New Zealand’s South Island groups and Guided by Voices. Honey Radar sound like a low-budget Clientele, all major-key arpeggios somewhere between psych and Felt. 

Giraffe EP info:
Recorded by Jason Henn
with Billy Stines (Trumpet) and Jordan Burgis (Trumpet thoughts)
Manufactured & Assembled in USA

Ignore The Bells info:
Recorded by Jason except bass on “Ink Circle” by Jordan
Paper Car guitar orchestra: Armen & Jesse
The Operator chorus: Sarah, Rob & Erin
Lacquers by Bob Weston
Thanks Henry




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