Posted: November 18, 2017 in MUSIC
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this song & video was released on November 15th, 2017, and the funding was provided by over 11,000 people currently supporting me on patreon. if you aren’t already a patron and you want to see us make more art, please consider joining. we cannot make this kind of material – unfettered by record labels, the media, and old-school machines – without your help ,

Amanda Palmer.  says i was in australia when the presidential inauguration happened at the start of 2017. a few days later, i scripted this video while walking around the back alleys of Melbourne. then i started making phone calls to my most trusted collaborators. Jherek recorded the strings in LA, Zoë Keating recorded the searing cello solo in san francisco, and i recorded the vocal part in Hobart, Tasmania. then i needed to find the right filmmaker. i started hunting.


This autumn I found myself in the 6AM pouring rain at the stone labyrinth of Opus 40 for the Amanda MOTHER video shoot and it was certainly a NEW day. A “strange ways here we come” day, a “truth is stranger than fiction” moment, an outer body experience that found me with peers in THE REAL FUTURE. THE NEW NOW future where Pink Floyd wrote a song in 1979 for Amanda to sing NOW, to tackle the new forces and questions we are facing. It often takes a shared experience to see clearly. Your friend’s eye can act as a mirror of where we are at as a collective. Amanda (meanwhile a real mother) and her friends (a lot of us also real mothers) all want to protect our babies from the President, the Government, the Wall and the Bomb. All we have is our voices and our community. It is of utter urgency that we act together and stand together now in any way to take on this new day. Through Music, Songs and Stories. By Voting, Sharing, Supporting, Loving and Unifying together HERE NOW. There is new meaning in everything. It’s not just a song, not just a vote, not just a friend. It’s UNIFICATION. COMMUNICATION. ACTION. NOW FOR THE FUTURE. We have to hope that all the breastfeeding, singing and mothering we give now, will make the OTHER FUTURE a good one for our children.


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