The COUNTRY LINERS – ” Mary Jane Dunphe & Chris McDonnell in the The County Liners “

Posted: November 17, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Country rock comes in many flavors. While the public thirst for minty, freshly showered hornyman doubletonk and cliches waxy as supermarket apple skin may never be slaked, plenty of grimier flavors remain popular. As ingredients are usually either unlabeled or illegible, country rock connoisseurs often determine the qualities of these flavors by tongue alone. Of course, not all palates are sophisticated enough to discern the provenance of every bluesy lick or languor in the crisp confidence of a genre convention executed with guiltless panache, and in this instance a stout gulp and short recap is preferred — The County Liners’ five songs are slightly nutty, clearly organic and pretty healthy. While many flavors of country rock become stale and unappetizing very quickly out of the bag, The County Liners stay fresh by keeping it raw and sourcing directly from local bodies.

Olympia, WA musician Mary Jane Dunphe is a vocal chameleon. With her punk band Vexx, she broadcast raw, unhinged yelps, while her electropop group CC Dust let her experiment with tuneful, club-ready vocals over techno backbeats. Now, with the County Liners, her country rock project with Chris McDonnell, she explores another side to her musical personality: a wayward troubadour on the open road.

The County Liners stay flexible and move around when they can. Mary Jane was forced to settle down and do some life assessment while laid up with a broken ankle. Chris came over to keep her company. They just went for it. Mirce and Riley decided to join in and what we have here is the full statement. It’s pretty easy to get into right off.
The riffs and lyrics bear discussion, but the comparison game is in this case seen as an unnecessary preservative and is done without. The bona fides are there, but as a classy aftertaste. This is what it sounds like when two fearless people meet on a sick bed and wait it out. Spokane College Station — nowhere near the whole story but crazy enough in itself. It’s music, you have to listen to it to tell. – Dylan Sharpe



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