WILCO – ” Summerteeth “

Posted: November 9, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Despite a memorable handful of upbeat, borderline joyous songs—including a title track that literally features chirping birds—”Summerteeth” is pretty damn dark. Songs like “We’re Just Friends,” “How to Fight Loneliness” and the murder-dream classic “Via Chicago” are heartbreaking, and even tracks with a cheery sheen are low-key depressing when you get into the lyrics. Still, a thread of hope runs through even the most downtrodden passages, lending Summerteeth an emotional depth that pairs nicely with a newfound sonic complexity.

It’s the first album where Wilco really explores what’s possible in the studio. Organs and guitars are held on equal measure. There are birdsounds, there are horns, there are pops and bells and clanks and other textural flourishes. It’s a dazzling departure for a band whose sound had been predicated on alt-country twang. Plus, the songwriting is uniformly excellent, as evidenced by the fact that “Via Chicago” and “A Shot in the Arm” are still live favorites today. On Summerteeth, Wilco was becoming something else.

Can’t Stand It (From Summerteeth, 1999)
I couldn’t have been the only one who first heard the opening song on Summerteeth and immediately thought, “What the hell???” It didn’t take long (less than 4 minutes, I’m sure) for me to get over it. It was probably about the time I first heard, “No love’s as random as God’s love…I can’t stand it….I can’t stand it.”
Great stuff.

You’ll have the chance to buy some of Wilco’s gear. Jeff Tweedy and company will be opening up a shop on Reverb.com called “The Wilco Loft Shop,” named after their Chicago studio/”safe haven for making music” where much of the gear currently resides, and selling off various items from their collections.

The instruments range from insanely valuable, including a 1958 Gretsch 6021 and two 1940’s Gibson flattop acoustics, all owned by Tweedy, to more collector-focused, like an assortment of guest passes from past Wilco tours. Tweedy discusses the decision to open up the online shop, stating, “Every once in a while we look around the loft and say ‘Geez, there’s just too much stuff up here,’” adding, “We hate to see it go, but we’re sure you’ll put it to good use!”.

Wilco Will Be Selling Off Some of Their Gear On Reverb.com Starting Next Week

All of the items for sale have been played by members of Wilco either on tour, in the studio or both, and will be shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity. You can head here to preview the shop before it opens next week to see a preview of some of the items that will be for sale, and below you’ll find a few pictures of  Wilco’s actual loft, along with video of a 1996 Wilco


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