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This new 4CD boxed set that lovingly documents the final musical years of a true legend, a great songwriter, musician, and formidable frontman – Steve Marriott. Steve was sadly taken from us prematurely at the age of 44 on the 30th April 1991. Vocalist and guitarist in such great bands as Small Faces and Humble Pie, Steve clearly had so much more to give, as is evidenced here, and this box set attempts to pay respect to the inspirational talent that is Steve Marriott by compiling four of his last ever live shows from his final year with us in 1991

Humble Pie: Official Bootleg Box Set Volume 1 collects four gigs from the English rockers on three CDs recorded between September 1972 and June 1974 with the line-up of Steve Marriott (guitar/vocals/harmonica/keyboard), Clem Clempson (guitar/vocals), Greg Ridley (bass/vocals) and Jerry Shirley (drums) supported by The Blackberries on background vocals.  This collection has been curated by founding member Shirley, who drew upon the band’s numerous bootleg recordings to select ones which he felt were of a high audio and performing standard.

The first show, on Disc One, hails from Chicago’s Arie Crown Theatre on September 22nd, 1972 and features band originals alongside blues-drenched covers of “Honky Tonk Women,” “Hallelujah (I Love Her So),” “I Don’t Need No Doctor,” and more.  This disc also begins a Tokyo show from May 1973 which is continued on Disc Two.  Shirley recalls in his liner notes that Jeff Beck (then playing Tokyo with Beck, Bogert and Appice) attended the concert, making Clempson (who had replaced Peter Frampton in Humble Pie in 1971) nervous as he played the guitar solo to Ray Charles’ “I Believe to My Soul.”  The show also features scorching takes on Holland/Dozier/Holland’s Motown classic “(I’m A) Road Runner” and Marriott’s “Steve’s Little Jam” and”30 Days in the Hole.”

Disc Three kicks off with the band’s May 18, 1974 concert at the Charlton Athletic Football Ground in which they shared a bill with The Who, Maggie Bell, and Bad Company (in one of their first major appearances).  Playing alongside fellow onetime Mods The Who, Marriott opened the show with The Small Faces’ “What’cha Gonna Do About It.”  This disc concludes with a short four-song performance at London’s Rainbow Theatre on June 6th, 1974, broadcast for U.S. television’s The Midnight Special.  The group tackled three band originals plus Eddie Cochran’s “C’mon Everybody,” a staple performed at all of the shows preserved here.

Jerry Shirley shares his memories in the full-color 16-page booklet included within the clamshell box.  Though sound is mostly listenable throughout, a disclaimer helpfully notes that these far-from-pristine recordings were originally made as audience bootlegs, and aren’t up to studio quality (or professionally-recorded live quality) standards, but are significant nonetheless for their historical importance in the band’s arc.

Humble Pie’s Official Bootleg Box Set Volume 1 are available now

CD 1

  1. Only One Woman – Marbles
  2. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
  3. Warm Ride
  4. Bad Girl – Rainbow
  5. Night Games
  6. O.S.
  7. Girl from Uptown – Michael Schenker Group
  8. Island in the Sun – Alcatrazz
  9. Hiroshima Mon Amour – Alcatrazz
  10. Since You Been Gone (Live) – Alcatrazz
  11. God Blessed Video – Alcatrazz
  12. Will You Be Home Tonight – Alcatrazz
  13. Skyfire – Alcatrazz
  14. Blue Boar – Alcatrazz
  15. Stand in Line – Impellitteri
  16. Tonight – Impellitteri
  17. Midnight Crossing (1989 Demo) (*)
  18. Hit and Run – Forcefield
  19. Let the Wild Run Free – Forcefield
  20. All Night Long (2015) – Graham Bonnet Band (*)

CD 2

  1. Look Don’t Touch
  2. Afterlife – Blackthorne
  3. We Won’t Be Forgotten – Blackthorne
  4. Don’t Kill the Thrill – Blackthorne
  5. Breakaway
  6. Killer
  7. Hunting Time – Anthem
  8. Hungry Soul – Anthem
  9. Love in Vain – Anthem
  10. Perfect Crime – Impellitteri
  11. Fighters Fist – Taz Taylor
  12. Radio Luxembourg – Taz Taylor
  13. You Are Your Money (Demo) – Elektric Zoo (*)
  14. Lost in Hollywood
  15. My Kingdom Come – Graham Bonnet Band (**)
  16. Mirror Lies – Graham Bonnet Band (**)


  1. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
  2. Danny
  3. Only You Can Lift Me
  4. Warm Ride
  5. Can’t Complain
  6. I’m a Lover
  7. The Way That It Is
  8. Anthony Boy
  9. Night Games
  10. Island in the Sun – Alcatrazz
  11. Hiroshima Mon Amour – Alcatrazz
  12. God Blessed Video – Alcatrazz
  13. Stand in Line – Impellitteri
  14. Stand in Line (Alternate Version) – Impellitteri
  15. The Mirror Lies – Graham Bonnet Band

Powerstation Live in Tokyo 1988 – Impellitteri

  1. Stand in Line
  2. Tonight I Fly
  3. Leviathan
  4. All Night Long
  5. Secret Lover
  6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  7. Goodnight and Goodbye
  8. Since You Been Gone

(*) previously unreleased

(**) previously unreleased on CD

Humble Pie, Official Bootleg Box Set Volume 1 (Hear No Evil/Cherry Red HNEBOX083, 2017) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada)

CD 1

Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago, September 22, 1972

  1. Introduction
  2. Up Our Sleeve
  3. C’mon Everybody
  4. Honky Tonk Women
  5. I Wonder
  6. Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
  7. I Don’t Need No Doctor
  8. Hot ‘n’ Nasty
  9. Four Day Creep

Shibuya Kokaido Tokyo, May 16, 1973

  1. Up Our Sleeve
  2. Tokyo Jam
  3. C’mon Everybody

CD 2

Shibuya Kokaido Tokyo, May 16, 1973 (continued)

  1. Honky Tonk Women
  2. Steve’s Little Jam
  3. I Believe to My Soul
  4. 30 Days in the Hole
  5. Road Runner
  6. Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
  7. I Don’t Need No Doctor
  8. Hot ‘n’ Nasty
  9. Oh La-De-Da

CD 3

Charlton Athletic Football Ground, May 18, 1974

  1. Introduction
  2. What’cha Gonna do About It
  3. Thunderbox
  4. Sweet Peace and Time
  5. 30 Days in the Hole
  6. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
  7. C’mon Everybody/I Want a Little Girl
  8. I Don’t Need No Doctor

Rainbow Theatre, London, June 6, 1974

  1. Thunderbox
  2. 30 Days in the Hole
  3. Sweet Peace and Time
  4. C’mon Everybody

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