The BAGS – ” All Bagged Up 1977-1980 “

Posted: November 8, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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From X to the Germs, there was plenty of Los Angeles bands to have survived the past three decades to make it onto every punk fan’s playlist. But the thrillingly aggressive group that gave living legend Alice Bag — later of Castration Squad, Cholita, and more — her nom de rock never released a studio album, meaning The Bags have all too often remained a footnote in the history books. Thankfully, the band’s few studio recordings, along with a few live performances, demos, and other rarities were eventually collected on this compilation. It isn’t just an artifact, though; riot grrrl fans in particular will want to keep All Bagged Up in heavy rotation. The Bags were original L.A punk rock. Not SoCal hardcore. It is indeed understood that they were seminal and important. They like all of the accomplished bands in that scene had an insane work ethic, more talent and sex appeal than most. The problem is they were somehow misguided in that they did not record enough. That legacy is whats missing. Each and every member of this band carried on professional music careers or are gone RIP, except Alice and perhaps that ambivalence was at work at the time even if subconsciously.

Seminal and influential band coming out of the first wave of punk in Los Angeles. It falls for sure into my favorites of all time. I dedicate this body of work to the greatly inspiring Alice Bag. Her ideas and feminism Enjoy.


1. Survive 2. Babylonian Gorgon 3. We Don’t Need The English 4. We Will Bury You 5. Tv Dinner 6. Violent Girl 7. Animal Call 8. Chainsaw 9. Seven & Seven is (Love) 10. One, Two, Three.. 11. Gluttony 12. In Love With Romance 13. Survive #2 14. Car Hell 15. Real Emotions 16. Bad Bondage 17. Disco’s Dead 18. Prowlers In The Night 19. We Will Bury You #2 20. Nothing’s Going On Here


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