TWIN PEAKS – ” With You / Just Because “

Posted: November 3, 2017 in MUSIC
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we’ve entered a new month and you know what the means: two more tracks from Sweet ’17 SinglesListen to “With You” and “Just Because” . These Chicago garage-rockers Twin Peaks are currently releasing music as part of their ‘Sweet ’17’ singles club.

The idea is to launch a new single every month until the end of the year and since we’re near the end of the year, that means that there’s only a couple of tracks to fit in before the end of 2017. So for the month of November – the penultimate stop on their quest – they’ve released ‘With You’ and a B-side, ‘Just Because’.

‘With You’ is a jangly, summery number with a few quips and dark lyrics embedded in there for good measure (“you’re just so ruthless, you’re just what I need”). Meanwhile, ‘Just Because’ features drum machines and wolf whistling among its hazy stomp.

Earlier in the year, Twin Peaks also released a track for Amazon’s Songs of Summer playlist, ‘Who It’s Gonna Be’.


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