ANGELO DE AUGUSTINE – ” Swim Into The Moon “

Posted: November 3, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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24-year-old Californian songwriter, Angelo De Augustine. After relentlessly touring his debut album, Angelo developed whopping cough and found himself on stage, completely unable to sing. His voice took eight months to recover, and it was during this time that he turned a problem into an opportunity and sat about crafting the songs that would go on to become his upcoming second album, Swim Inside The Moon.

Swim Inside The Moon is Angelo’s first record working with Asthmatic Kitty, the label created by Sufjan Stevens and Sufjan’s step-father Lowell Brams. The record is a majestically lo-fi affair. Thinking deeply about his approach to songwriting, Angelo concluded his music couldn’t thrive inside a normal recording studio, and set about discovering his perfect recording method, which as he explains involved a bathtub, a reel-to-reel tape player and a single microphone. By keeping it simple, Angelo tapped into the truth behind his music, and like Elliot Smith or yes, Sufjan Stevens, he created a mood that flows throughout the record, giving it an instantly recognisable tone and atmosphere.

A brave, warm and frankly magical record, Swim Inside The Moon is the sound of a songwriter discovering himself, just in time for the rest of the world to surely learn who he is alongside him. Ahead of Swim Inside The Moon’s release next month, Angelo was kind enough to sit down and talk us through his recording process, how his mum is his major inspiration and why his dogs deserve to be credited as co-producers.

exclusively recorded in the bathtub of my house with one sm57 microphone, a 1970’s 4 track reel-to-reel tape machine, and an old P.A. mixing console. The album was recorded live. I thought it would be much easier to capture the performance as a whole and have it the way that I wanted from the start. It was a frequent occurrence that my dogs would bark outside the door or decide to happily saunter into the bathroom looking for a snuggle with their jingling collars interrupting the recording midway.

Another important part of my process was to position the microphone in such a way as to pick up the reflection of my voice and guitar that bounced off of the walls of the bath tub. I would engage the 4 track in my room, press record, and run into the bathroom to sit on the side of the tub and begin the song. When the guitar and voice were recorded , I would, in the same vain, record my mom’s 100 year old piano, electric guitar, or synthesizer on top of the song.


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