WEAVES – ” Walkaway “

Posted: October 22, 2017 in MUSIC
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Weaves released their second album, Wide Open, earlier this month, and it’s a huge step forward for the Toronto four-piece. With blasts of Americana, indie rock, punk, and noise rock all tied together with Jasmyn Burke’s uniqe alto, Wide Open is destined for best-of lists by year’s end. Here’s “Walkaway.” 

Bruce Springsteen was born to run, but Weaves would rather walk away. “Walkaway,” is the newest song from the Toronto art rockers and the next single from their forthcoming album Wide Open, certainly channels the Boss in its anthemic spirit, but it remains loose and vulnerable in a way that is all Weaves‘ own.

“Walkaway” is a more straightforward song than one might expect from Weaves; on its self-titled debut released last June, the band displayed a penchant for going down thrilling guitar-rabbit holes, such as on “Candy” and “Human.” Morgan Waters‘ nimble guitar work does feature on “Walkaway,” but the guitar lines and overall instrumentation — with Zach Bines on bass and Spencer Cole on drums — function more as structural support for singer Jasmyn Burke.


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