TUVABAND – ” Trees “

Posted: October 5, 2017 in MUSIC
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‘Trees’ is the latest single from Norwegian / English duo Tuvaband, and the first single to be released from their debut EP ‘Mess’.

Following up from the success of their first three singles, which received international recognition and over 10 million streams on Spotify, the new single, ‘Trees’, looks to follow a similar vain. The song was recorded in two apartments across the Norwegian capital, Oslo, and captures the same stripped-back sound. Blending lo-fi production, vocal layering and reverb-drenched guitars which is synonymous with Tuvaband.

Trees and people have a lot in common, a lot more than we know. The single «Trees» is about the fact that we might also share the same faith if we keep on tearing down rainforests. As Tuva sings “We fell trees, we fell people. Cause when we fell, we fall”.

As always, Tuvaband plays on the contradictions, by making music that’s calmer, than what the lyrics suggest. ‘Trees’ will be released on all digital music platforms on 27th September.

Artist: Tuvaband,  Single: Trees, Release Date: 27th September 2017



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