L.A WITCH – ” L.A Witch “

Posted: October 2, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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At Last the long wait is over! The dark, the broody, the brilliant L.A. Witch have finally released their debut full-length LP, simply titled ‘L.A. Witch’ -not to be confused with their 2013 EP also entitled ‘L.A. Witch’– and to borrow an old cliche, it’s all killer.

The entirety of the album is drenched with luscious reverb and a sedating drone that calls hints of Greg Sage’s Wipers all while remaining true to the untouchable L.A. Witch sound -think 60s garage/ splatter movie soundtrack/southern swamp rock with pop sensibilities.

Tracks ‘You Love Nothing’ ‘Get Lost’ and ‘Drive Your Car’ are tracks that have all appeared elsewhere in the L.A. Witch back catalogue but each one slips seamlessly into this collection of nine individual masterpiece’s. Each track is a standalone, there’s no doubting that, however each track also seems to intertwine, to mesh a series of fragmented magic dripping with sweetly sinister overtones into one gigantic orgiastic feast that you know is probably bad for your health, but hey, your gonna dive right in anyway.

Kill My Baby Tonight’. The album opener kicks off with a blissful swamp/country twang before singer/guitarist Sade Sanchez ominously, somewhat unexpectedly, promises that she’s “gonna hurt her baby tonight”. Which isn’t actually that surprising at all considering the obvious influences the all-girl trio take from the cult-horror cinema of the 1970’s. The imagery is all over their work and with Sanchez’s swooning, seductive but murderously intent vocal, bassist Irita Pai’s stalking, premeditated Geezer Butler/horror creep drone and drummer Ellie English’s night-crawling Clifton James on PCP footstep creep, well you know damn well that once in the L.A. Witch web, you ain’t getting outta here alive. And death’ll be slow too. Real slow.

But hey, if death was guaranteed a soundtrack like ‘Kill My Baby Tonight’ and other killer tracks from this brilliant debut LP, well, sign me up Grim Reaper! I’m half-way there. So, so, so good. Gets better with every listen. The vibe of this album is phenomenal, feels simultaneously old school and very fresh. Definitely one of my favourite albums from this year.


L.A. Witch’s self-titled debut LP is out now on Bandcamp and is released by Suicide Squeeze Records.

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