GRIZZLY BEAR – ” Losing All Sense “

Posted: October 1, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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After their last tour around the album Shields, the members of Grizzly Bear took some time off. With each person concentrating on other ventures, So it would be awhile before they would come to collaborate as a band once again. Grizzly Bear’s Painted Ruins is definitely the return from any band who seemed to somewhat disappear. Along with great tunes, they’ve also returned with a few really entertaining videos to accompany their singles. The newest release is a clip for “Losing All Sense,” featuring a bunch of blondes doing just that.

As soon as we see the opening shot of high-heeled feet wrapped in plastic, we know we’re in for something weird here. The feet belong to a drenched Busy Phillips, who joins a group at an otherwise pretty standard wine-and-dine, but things soon take a turn for the surreal.

“‘Losing All Sense’ felt like an upbeat, fun thing to release,” said frontman Ed Droste “The video is even more of a dichotomy—it’s like David Lynch meets the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills meets Heathers or something. It’s very campy and dark and surreal.”

“Losing All Sense” is the fifth single release from Painted Ruins, following “Three Rings,” “Mourning Sound,” “Four Cypresses” and “Neighbors.” 

Grizzly Bear ‘Painted Ruins’ Available Now:


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