JOSHUA BARNHART – ” Dance With Me “

Posted: September 29, 2017 in MUSIC
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Joshua Barnhart recalls how he played the track to his friend Katelyn who suggested the track is about, “the relinquishing of the logical in favor of the physical, as a response to the impending end of the world.” An idea that Joshua agreed with, as he explains, “in a way it’s a personal song, about my own internal struggle at times (depression, anxiety), but then the lens shifts to try to encompass a sense of societal dread and how to try to deal with it. You can’t fully confront the dismal realities at every moment, and sometimes it’s necessary to try to have a good time even though everything seems so terrible.”

Musically, Dance With Me is a shuffling slice of dreamy-psych, nodding to the likes of Ultimate Painting or Chris Cohen. The drums and acoustic guitar tick rhythmically in the background as the lead guitar plays out like one long, slow solo, and pulses of piano add bright, bursts of sonic texture. Dance With Me is a track that invites us to a party for the end of the world, and even if we’re all going up in smoke, at least it’s going to sound this good.


Joshua Barnhart: Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, percussion
Paul Dutton: Vocals, electric guitar, bass
Taylor Belmore: Vocals
Joel Tolbert: Piano

thanks Fortherabbits


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