The B52’s – ” The Box Set Scene ” From Portlandia

Posted: September 28, 2017 in MUSIC
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Portlandia is always filled with little jokes and references for music nerds to appreciate, and Season 7 is no different. There’s a sketch where Fred Armisen (playing a character) is trying to relate to Carrie Brownstein (playing herself), and says he’s “really good friends” with Janet, Corin, and Katie. There’s also an infomercial-style sketch, which ends with a band on stage saying “this next one’s a chillwave song,” before the scene cuts to the show’s opening credits (whose theme is by Washed Out).

But the real music-nerd kicker in Season 7 is the sketch with Fred playing a crazy record collector obsessing over a B-52s box set, in awe of the kinds of things only crazy record collectors care about (“this is a live version!” “this is a bootleg!” “how did they get this?!”). His friend is played by filmmaker Lance Bangs, who doesn’t say a word the whole sketch, and the biggest gem of all in the box set is miniature versions of the B-52s, played by the members themselves. You just have to watch it to fully experience it, .

It’s not the first time that the Portlandia people have shown love for the B-52s. When Sleater-Kinney played NYC in December 2015, they brought out Fred Armisen to cover “Rock Lobster.”


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