TY SEGALL – ” Alta “

Posted: September 26, 2017 in MUSIC

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Ty Segall has made a name for himself as garage rock’s resident shredder with his extensive discography. This year especially, he’s been shelling out tons of new music, and he’s adding another banger to his collection, “Alta.” It is the first song he’s shared since his Fried Shallots EP, which he released in July to benefit the ACLU.

With “Alta,” Segall curtsies to Mother Nature, essentially composing a love song to his hometown pre-civilization. Starting out accordingly, he plays a pretty piano melody, later erupting into the scorching, fuzzy guitar jams that he’s known and loved for. He professes his feelings for the city’s natural state with a bold declaration: “I would fight to save you / I would give my life.”

It’s a new day in the world of Ty Segall, and every truly new day means another truly great song! Captured in gleaming widescreen, “Alta” is a hometown jam that Ty (with his Freedom Band) has been playing at shows all over the place this year. It’s a nature jam as well – basically a “fuck-the-last-500-years” jam as well, which shows just how far back Ty‘s willing to go to get really back to nature. It’s a love song to the natural state of hometown grounds – and to convey the feelings, a wistful electric piano lick is ridden out on some crazy guitar horses and Ty’s heartstruck vocal. Ty (guitar, vocals, percussion) now reconvenes with the Freedom Band Emmett Kelly (guitar, vocals), Mikal Cronin (bass, vocals), Charles Moothart (drums) and Ben Boye (keyboards) – for new single, “Alta,” recorded at Electrical Audio with Steve Albini during a break on tour this past spring. A shining new day indeed!


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